Learn about how to form and select a Story Team and discover how this team can create strong employee and customer loyalty, while you capture and apply your Brand Story.

Hi, I'm David Mills

I will be guiding you through the process of understanding and getting your Story Team ready to dramatically improve your Brand Story and your ability to have clear messaging that drives more loyalty, greater impact and growth. I've had the privilege of helping thousands of organizations across the U.S. capture their differentiators and share them to accelerate the progress toward their goals.

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We'll join you live to equip you entire team with the Story Deck process. (Travel outside the Mid Atlantic is additional)

Here's what others say:

The impact of the refreshed approach to my brand has been pretty amazing. It has created a buzz, and people are commenting wherever I go. Ads that we place are now getting noticed. Our business is up, and I am now really confident that people are going to remember our brand throughout the community.

David Storke, Story Funeral Homes